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Jody Kurilla


Jody started off her Yogic studies not in the Far East, but the East Coast. She began her yogic quest around 1990 at Jivamukti in NYC. There she met the teachers that would be the spark in starting Jody on her path to teaching, Uma McNeil and Leslie Kaminoff, both whom are inspired by the tradition of T.K.V. Desikachar. When she moved to Portland in 1998, she studied with Diane Wilson, and with Diane, Jody took her first teacher training course. Since 2002, thanks to Matt Huish, she has been very inspired by Shadow Yoga taught by Shandor Remete. In January 2006 she studied at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai, India founded by T.K.V Desikachar. Jody is known to put students at ease with her wry sense of humor and acceptance of all skill levels and body types, and encourages folks to use all the yoga tools available to them, not only the physical (asana) part of yoga, but chanting, breath work and meditation. She teaches Friday seminars, Teaching Methodology, Anatomy 2 and on-going classes. Jody is the director of the Yoga Shala.

Paul Hogan


The heart of Paul’s teachings involves asana with a focus on internal alignment, mindfulness and flow. Paul began his yogic journey looking for a companion stretching exercise for his sport of long distance cycling finding a class at his local gym. Before long the combination of breath, movement, and mindfulness had taken a strong hold on his soul and he continued his studies under Tiffany Maloney in Beaumont, Texas. This deep immersion into yoga tradition, including the Yamas and Niyamas, had a profound effect on Paul’s psyche and inner being; allowing him to move through deep personal struggles and past samskaras. After years of practice, Paul felt compelled to share this ancient healing practice to others and embarked on teacher training completing his 200hr RYT with Tias and Surya Little at the esteemed  Prajna Yoga school in Santa Fe, New Mexico. As an avid lover of movement and community, Paul is also certified as a Yoga Of Trust Acro Yoga teacher studying under Daniel Scott.  

Mandy Kruger


Mandy began practicing yoga in 1999, and took one of her first teacher trainings in 2002 in Southern Thailand, followed by a training in Northern India. She then spent five years plus studying the Ashtanga-Vinyasa system with her previous teacher Timo Jimenez. Here she learned the benefits of an early morning 'Mysore style' self-practice, which included the Iyengar's use of props and therapeutic restorative positions. Mandy also has extensively studied with Peter Sterios and his approach to the practice through 'Gravity and Grace.' Currently Mandy studies under the Shadow Yoga school with Zhander Remete and Emma Balnaves. Mandy is a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist, and has recently completed her Masters degree in Depth Psychology. She feels that through the consistent and proper practice of the classical teachings of Hatha Yoga one can unveil the truth of their inner being, and ultimately live their life's purpose.

Ian LeMasters 


Ian discovered the practice of Yoga in 2011 while seeking a physical routine to stay in shape for his field work as an Archaeologist in Latin America. His practice quickly grew to incorporate mental and spiritual connotations as well, and in 2013 he completed his 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training in Vinyasa Yoga under Tiffany Maloney in Beaumont, Texas. His classes are a Vinyasa-based Asana practice that aim to find the connection of Mind, Body and Breath while exploring the joy of being present in motion. Being an avid lover of movement culture, Ian also completed an Acroyoga Teacher training under Daniel Scott in 2016, a.k.a. The Yoga of Trust, and offers a teaching style that emphasizes the power of human connection with a personal motto: "To show how healing the art of play can be when done through a space of mindful connection".

Whitney Handrich

Whitney has been practicing yoga for over a decade, and she has travelled around the world to study yoga, meditation, acroyoga, and Thai bodywork. She completed her teaching certification in Hatha and Ashtanga yoga in Rishikesh, India, and since returning to the US, Whitney has also become certified and specializes in Kids & Family Yoga and Yin Yoga. 


Whitney passionately believes in the healing power of presence and community. By lifting others up (sometimes literally), learning to trust, and building a supportive foundation for others through partner and group yoga, we can take away not only physical, but emotional and mental benefits to apply throughout our lives and relationships.


Drawing from her experience as an international adoptee, English teacher, and nanny, Whitney strives to make yoga accessible to all, leading classes for post-partum Mama & Baby, Kids & Families, as well as volunteering with Living Yoga to bring classes to underserved communities. It's not about "getting the pose," but the experience and journey of self-discovery.

Amanda Warren


Amanda was first introduced to Yoga in 2005, and still remembers that awkward feeling in her first class when she looked around the room at the advanced students, heard the instructor callout moves in Sanskrit, only to realize she had absolutely no idea what she was doing. And it took years to realize that everyone feels that way their first time.

Amanda desired to be certified in the motherland of India and on June 4th of 2017 she arrived in Dharmashala Darmakot, a small town in the Himalayas. Mostly populated by Buddhists, traveling yogis, and some local Muslims, she was stunned by the breathtaking mountains & devastating poverty. She was immersed into a program through the Abhinham Yoga Center, and found herself lucky enough to be taken under the wing of founder Yog Namito. After completing the program, Guru Namito invited her to return to India and teach alongside him, but her heart remained in Portland, as she yearned to share all of incredible knowledge, skill & passion she had gained for the art of yoga with the other beautiful souls who are eager to learn & grow just as she had done!is item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Devon Wright


Devon began her yoga journey in 2010 while attending the University of Florida and found that her fascination for the practice grew as the years went by. Yoga initially was a physical practice for her, that was sustainable and encouraged openness and expansion in the body, but it has since grown into something much deeper. Yoga has become a way of life for her and the teachings are something that guides her throughout each day.

She moved to Portland, Oregon in February 2018 and completed her 200hr-RYT certification at YoYoYogi. She now has a strong desire to share the practice and aspires to do so by supporting others along their journey expanding mind, body, and spirit. Her intention is to connect people with their bodies and breath, so they can find stillness within and contentment in the modern world. She offers a fun and playful approach, integrated with philosophy and meditation practices, to create a diverse yet balanced class for everybody.

Ariel Hart


Ariel Hart is a former L.A./Seattle-based healer and artist who has returned to her magical roots here in Portland. She is a certified yoga instructor (2007, Yoga Union) and a Reiki Master (2012, Northwest Healing Studio) and integrates the two practices to attain deeper levels of healing.

Ariel offers weekly classes, workshops, and private sessions that may incorporate a variety of therapeutic tools, such as Reiki (energy healing), sound therapy, essential oil or herbal clearings, and charged stones/crystals. Ariel is passionate about sharing energy work and is the co-founder of “U:nite” a not for profit group in Seattle that hosted public alternative healing events.

Judith Zatkin


Judith has been practicing yoga periodically for most of her life but developed a daily practice
in 2016 while in graduate school. For months, she practiced daily in her studio apartment,
focusing on alignment and intuitive movement, using yoga as a way of self-care. Now, Judith
sees yoga as a way to calm the mind and engage the body, and move in a joyful way. She is also
nearly finished with a doctoral degree in Community Psychology and sees yoga as an important
way to build inclusive community spaces. Judith completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training
in 2019 with YoYoYogi. Her classes combine faster vinyasa flow with slow, alignment-focused
postures, and utilize props and fun music to be accessible and joyful for everybody.

Sarah Aimone

Hello! I came to yoga over 18 years ago and quickly found a tool to

ease my anxiety, depression, and stiff body. After 13 years of regular

practice, I completed a 220 Hour Teacher Training that emphasized

the study and understanding of various yoga disciplines, including

Iyengar, Anusara, Ashtanga, and Kundalini. I have been teaching yoga

ever since in an effort to share the sense of body and mind liberation I

have experienced. If you think you cannot “do” yoga, please come to

my class!

My teaching style is breath-centered and alignment-based with an

emphasis on personalized options to avoid injury and increase overall

wellness in a non-competitive, light-hearted environment. I am proud

to teach students of various sizes and abilities, specializing in hatha

yoga for beginner and intermediate students. With a focus on

mindfulness, individual well-being, and stress reduction, I teach both

private clients and group classes. Students of all ages and abilities are

invited to join me on the mat!

I am inspired by the research that indicates yoga is an effective

treatment for trauma, PTSD, and depression. My ongoing studies

include training in trauma-informed yoga, Yoga for Amputees, pre-

natal yoga, Viniyoga, and meditation. My experiences include creating

and teaching yoga classes for AVID high school students, Special

Olympics of NC, kids, seniors, amputees, and Yoga at Your Desk for

office workers. I have been an active volunteer teacher with Street

Yoga/Living Yoga since 2014. I hold a Master of Arts in Teaching

degree, am a National Board certified teacher, and have taught high

school, GED, and college for over 13 years.

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