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Begin your journey to the best version of you.  Here and Now.

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Freedom, connection and balanced living.

    Integrative skincare that makes you feel beautiful, radiant, and relaxed.

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    Vibrant skin and living through healing touch.

      Facilitating your innate power of self healing through Reiki.

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      Bodywork to live a life more bold.

        Settle into stillness.


        About Fumi

        Based on the thinking of Japanese style acupuncture, I try to bring balance to a person as a whole in the beginning of the treatment session, then move onto specific local areas that need an attention at the given moment. I usually spend a good amount of time to listen to the patient at each session, and the majority of a treatment session is done in a hands-on style. I combine various axially modalities in addition to needle acupuncture including moxibustion, cupping, Tuina massage, gua sha, Teishin, Sotai movement therapy, electro-current therapy, dietary & supplement education, self myofascial release techniques and Qi Gong therapy to customize my treatment in order to achieve the optimal guidance for the individual patient. Additionally, I am also a certified practitioner for NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques). With NAET treatments, I hope to help patients with complicated and/or severe allergies and sensitivities, which significantly affect quality of life for many.


        LAc #AC160515


        About Missy

        My approach is integrative, holistic and down-to-earth, using bodywork + energy practices from many traditions and modalities; working multiple systems in harmony.  I aim to help you feel lasting changes in your mind-body and increase your own health-awareness. By supporting the body and its relation to our surroundings, we can learn empowered wellness, and find deeper connection + balanced living.

        The main focus of these sessions is to foster long-term changes, whether they are postural, functional, mental or emotional.  Sessions are individually tailored, and informed primarily by structural integration, integrative bodywork, visceral bodywork, Chi Nei Tsang and Tui Na.  I believe in working all the body’s systems in harmony. This means simultaneous consideration for the physical tissues, the energetic body, and the emotions stored in each.  Working in this way helps to address an issue in full-picture, leading to increased mobility, agility, tonality, and freedom in and around the tissues.  


        OBMT #19839


        About Rebecca

        I am a Licenced Esthetician with over 15 years of hands on experience offering facials, waxing and tinting.  With an integrative approach to skin care, I believe in combining nature’s resources with innovative science to create the highest quality results for your skin, in the most natural and effective way.  I use Epicuren, a botanically based skincare line free from harmful chemicals.


        Personal connections with my clients are deeply motivating and inspire me to treat and nurture the whole person.  I believe that skin health is holistic; what is happening on the inside can be reflective in your appearance. I genuinely love helping people feel beautiful, radiant and relaxed in their own skin.




        About Sarah

        I am a licensed esthetician, born and raised in New York City, with specializations in Gua Sha and poultice massage.  I am one of the first certified Dien Chan Zone Facial Reflexology Operators in the U.S. My refined expertise in visual arts informs all my  practices and every session is infused with my years of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki practice. I use my energy work and advanced facial massage techniques to help you unlock your highest power, enabling you to enter a state of total relaxation.




        About Kristie

        I am a Reiki healer.  Reiki has transformed my healing journey, and I want to share this with those committed to their own healing.


        My entire life’s path has led me to the healing art of Reiki.  This journey began with the commitment to heal my soul of childhood trauma and inherited ancestral trauma.  As I began my exploration into healing I found yoga, yoga gave me the understanding of the mind-body connection.  I realized the way trauma was manifesting in my physical body, and set out to study massage therapy. After graduating from the Institute of Psycho-Structual Balancing in CA, I worked as a massage therapist for many years.  Always seeking, I delved into somatic therapy and Vipassana meditation. I continue to enjoy a rich spiritual meditation practice. 


        All roads led me to Reiki.  I found my way to Reiki through an appointment with a chiropractor.  Serendipitously, this chiropractor was a Reiki master. During my third appointment, an ineffable experience of knowing vibrated from my crown to my feet.  There was a shift in energy that I had never experienced. Slowly, gently, yet powerfully, I noticed changes in the days following that unforgettable appointment.  I began to release old resentments and wounds of the past. This metamorphosis has continued, and reminds me of our body’s innate intelligence to heal.  


        I believe that healing begins within.  We all have the capacity to heal. My intention is to support you on your healing journey.  I am committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment to facilitate our work together. 




        About Nicole

        My intention through all of my work is to facilitate and support individuals in realizing that they are the source of their own healing and well-being. No two massages that I give are ever the same; they are each specifically tailored to individual needs, and are a blend of all of the modalities that I have been trained in providing.


        I have over 10,000 hours of training and clinical experience since 2002. As my practice has grown, I have had the opportunity to successfully treat many conditions and alleviate symptoms associated with a wide variety of musculoskeletal pain, hormonal imbalance, and digestive issues.


        OBMT #23651


        OBMT #25267

        About Jason

        My practice is currently informed by deep tissue, myofascial, and subtle body techniques. That being said, taking modality too seriously is inherently limiting. Techniques are tools that help structure the work but they are not the work. 

        I see the relationship with each client as a cooperative process, a conversation. My role is to be the listener. Listening - in the most global sense of the word - to the body, the nervous system, the whole being.

        Within that container, my orientation as a practitioner is toward stillness. Perhaps the degree to which we can settle into stillness, a fundamental sense of ease or quiet, is the degree to which we are open to the possibility of resolution.



        Shala Wellness Collective
        3808 N Williams Ave Suite F  
        Portland OR 97227
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