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uses thin needles, mild pressure and other techniques to stimulate specific points + enhance the body's innate healing processes; holistic assessment + treatments help a variety of ailments by restoring the body to a more balanced homeostasis

  • common conditions include physical, mental + emotional dysfunction, digestive issues, hormone/endocrine imbalances, infertility, allergies, migraines, insomnia, and chronic fatigue symptoms

Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques (NAET)

a protocol to reduce allergic reactions through reeducation of cell perceptions of the external + internal stimulation to decrease the number of acting stressors;  beneficial for a wide variety of allergies + allergic symptoms caused by pollutants in food, environment + more  

  • if interested in NAET treatments, please check information on, and/or contact Fumi to discuss specificities of your condition

Shonishin Acupuncture

instead of needles, precious metal tools (usually silver or copper) are used to very lightly stroke the surface of the skin; treatment takes between 3 to 15 minutes depending on the age + condition of the child

  • effective for digestive, respiratory + temperamental issues, boosting the immune system, and enhancing healthy physical, mental + emotional development


bodywork + massage

Holistic + Integrative Bodywork

individually tailored sessions informed primarily by structural integration, integrative bodywork, visceral bodywork, Chi Nei Tsang and Tui Na; the main focus is to seek harmony + balance throughout the tissues and subtleties of the mind-body, creating lasting change - be it postural, functional, mental or emotional 

Manual Therapy

a blend of myofascial release techniques, Japanese style acupressure, and release of emotional holdings through physical movement of the body, for a complete, Mind:Body, client centered therapy practice


blending the soft-touch approaches of Chi Nei Tsang + visceral bodywork to increase functionality of the digestive system + internal organs, promote detoxification, proper alignment, and reset nerve + emotional patterns


specialized treatment for stressed muscles of the jaw which can manifest as headaches, TMJ, and neck + shoulder pain; simultaneously subtle + intensive and can include intra-oral work

Motor Vehicle Injury

bodywork specifically for those injured in a car accident

  •  as it will be billed through PIP coverage, please come prepared with all necessary insurance information

Holistic bodywork
Manual Therapy

energy work


a session of deep listening as your mind-body communicates + facilitates your power of self healing through the universal life energy of Reiki

Total Relaxation Treatment

a combination of reiki + Dien Chan Zone Facial Reflexology to take you to a state of total bliss + relaxation while balancing chakra energies

Intuitive Reading: Tarot

combines channeling and tarot cards to find answers and give you guidance

Intuitive Reading: Astrology

learn the blueprint of your life and steps you can take to make the most of your planets

Dein Chan
Intuitive Readings


Gua Sha Facial
a massage-based facial that uses manual and crystal tool techniques to lift, sculpt + de-puff the face
Classic Facial
a lovely introduction to the essentials of skincare; cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, face + neck massage, customized masque and finishing cream
Custom Facial
a comprehensive facial customized to your individual needs; includes dual exfoliation with enzyme or AHA peel to promote healthy, refined, glowing skin
Lifting Facial
the ultimate age-defying facial designed to lift + tone; stimulates collagen + elastin through a layer of tightening masques, leaving the skin radiant + youthful
Balancing Facial
a deep pore cleansing facial ideal for problematic + congested skin; purifies + calms the skin with thorough extractions, salicylic acid, and probiotics
Express Facial
a mini version of the Classic facial, minus extractions
Power Peel Facial
restores + refines the skin with a glycolic peel; minimizes fine lines + wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and scarring  
Waxing: Face
select from: brow, cheeks, lip, chin
Waxing: Bikini
select from: basic bikini, extended bikini, brazilian
Waxing: Core
select from: chest, back, abs
Waxing: Extremities
select from: arm, leg, underarm
select from: brow, lash, brow + lash
Gua Sha Facial
Power Peel
Shala Wellness Collective
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